Anti Snore Pillow Unique Design with Head & Neck Support

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At Bedding Direct UK we know how frustrating it can be too loose sleep due to snoring, whether it's yourself or even a partner. We have manufactured this uniquely designed pillow that helps support your head and neck, allowing better breathing.

Featuring a small none filled hollow 'head nestle' in the centre; it is designed to allow your head to lie flat. This will in turn help open up the airways and avoid the tongue from falling back into the throat.

The head nestle area is slightly offset, making our pillow unique. We understand that not everyone has the same length neck; this allows people to try it two ways and pick the most suitable.

Filled with a synthetic hollowfibre, our pillow is fully hypo-allergenic making it the perfect gift for everybody.

Item details:

  • Size: W48cm (19") x L74cm (29")
  • Medium / hard support

Composition and care:

  • Material: Cotton Blend
  • Filling: Hollowfibre
  • Machine washable at 40C


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